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Raid military bases to rescue aliens? This is a thing of the past, who has never dreamed of being Alien himself fleeing the base? well in this amazing area 51 escape simulator you can, in evade z 51 you are an alien of the species Vixel Vorez who was captured by human military, will you now be able to escape from this base?

The game has 4 levels and 1 boss, the first phase is to escape the trapped Bunker / lab, then steal a car with the help of the ninjas, and then find a database, and steal radioactive things and radio components to fix your ship's communicator so you can ask for help.
In Phase 3 you flee down the road to the scheduled rescue site and in Phase 3 you fly an alien ship to protect the mother ship until it is ready to take off.

Estimated play time is 45m - 1h: 30m

EMPEROR GAMES - H.F.Quintas - Evade Z 51 - BRAZIL - 2019

Install instructions

Unpack .ZIP and run the app called EVADE ZONE 51.


EVADE Z-51.7z 120 MB

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